“Art & Systems”

37xDubai Exhibition: “Art & Systems”


March 4 — June 27

“Art & Systems” exhibits a collection of artists who delve into the intersection of generative processes, art creation, and the underlying systems that make such creative pieces possible.

37xDubai’s second exhibition is an interactive journey where visitors can engage with and manipulate some of the artworks, becoming part of the creative narrative. In addition to this immersive experience, some artists will host workshops, offering hands-on learning experiences and demystifying the complex processes behind these masterpieces.

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The exhibition showcases works from:

  • Cory Haber
  • Florian Zumbrunn
  • Mutahhar Khan
  • David Mrugala
  • Julien Espagnon
  • Licia He

The exhibition will feature a diverse range of artworks created by various artists. These works include Haber`s exploration of using pen plotters to create physical manifestations of code, Zumbrunn`s thematic artworks, Mrugala`s generative drawings that blend design, science, and visualization, Espagnon`s integration of design, code, and art, and his technologically driven generative projects. Together, these works showcase a rich tapestry of artistic expression that visitors can expect to enjoy.

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