37xDubai Grand Opening Exhibition

“Radiance - Exploring the Intersection of Light and Technology”

37xDubai Exhibition: 37xDubai Grand Opening Exhibition

Past exhibition

Oct 5 — Feb 5

37xDubai’s first exhibition, “Radiance - Exploring the Intersection of Light and Technology,” will showcase the power of light and how it transcends between digital and contemporary art.

The exhibition features static and animated digital art, neons, work on canvas, and glass on paper, some with interactive installations that creatively use light. Upon entering 37xDubai, visitors can expect to see works that blend traditional techniques with digital art. With the use of innovative technology, including projections and light installations, visitors can become one with the showcased interactive pieces.

In the art world, light has always been a powerful tool. It blurs the lines between what is reality and imaginable. Light allows artists to extend, contrast, dissolve, or accentuate their pieces – it allows art to come alive. Known as its fundamental technical representation of an artist's work, the magic of light could not be overlooked when building the 37xDubai gallery.

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The exhibition showcases works from:

  • Leo Villareal
  • Justin Weiler
  • Shimurabros
  • Ivona Tau
  • Zach Lieberman
  • Peter Gronquist
  • Martin Grasser
  • Krista Kim
  • Pierre Pauze
  • François Morellet
  • Jason Ting
  • Hans Hartung
  • Luco Cormerais
  • Andy Warhol
  • Juno Shen
  • Diaa Allam
  • Artur Weber
  • David Ariew

All artists are known for pushing the boundaries of traditional art forms by utilizing technology to harness the full potential of light and create mesmerizing, visionary, and memorable experiences.

All artists in the exhibition not only share a knack for implementing light but are renowned globally for pushing boundaries and influencing a new era of artistic expression. Throughout the exhibition, viewers will experience a coherent theme while enjoying the unique works of these carefully curated artists.

37xDubai invites visitors to immerse themselves in a world where light and technology converge, exploring the limitless possibilities of digital art and its profound impact on our perceptions of reality.

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